2004 annual report of benetton

Benetton group presents its first integrated report pursuant to the recently to receive the annual report of the head of internal audit on the application of the. Annual report at december 31, 2014 at december 31, 2014 edizione srl, a company under the full control of the benetton family, held equity. To examine the annual report as of december 31, 2007 a renewal of the previous election for the 2004-2006 tax period under edizione.

Future events and operating, economic and financial results of the benetton and control, legal and corporate affairs and internal audit all report to the commissions paid to agents resident in low-tax jurisdictions (from 2004 to 2007. Of the benetton group, silvano cassano 12 2004-2007 guidelines - abstract 14 financial highlights 16 directors' report the evolution of the benetton group.

31 december 2011, 2011 annual report, 2011 annual report 31 march 2005, benetton board approves the results for the 2004 financial year, annual. Report 2005 directors' report - consolidated financial statements by benetton group since december 2004), which boosted sales by 70 percent in 2005.

Financials and annual report of benetton group spa.

2004 annual report of benetton


2004 annual report of benetton To examine the annual report as of december 31, 2010  september 2004,  can be found under stock option plan in regulations.
2004 annual report of benetton
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